Sas It Up™-  To Walk, Strut, Glide, and Live your life Full Out.

Bite The Apple™ - Is a button of a number, a big ending. Open your mouth, smile and chew the scenery. A Big chomp.

Cha Cha Puus™ -Is a 123 with a look front and a Bite The Apple. (Previously described)  I could say, " I am going to Cha Cha Puus to my next class or audition. Use it in a sentence, it feels good.

Molly™-Is a reference to "You in danger gurl."

Drop Swing™-  Literally means drop over and flip your hair and then swing it back and rise with a change in attitude, a new idea.

Balchange™ - To Exit. I have to leave this conversation. Balchange.

Tell it to my Hip™-  I'm feeling a little broken. You can sing it to Taylor Dayne's song "Tell It To My Heart."

Gagagagaga™-  Tilt your head back and open your mouth and laugh with a "G".

MOS™- Stands for "My Own Sas."

Jughz and Swirl™-   Primp, tease your hair, swirl it up.

Beat Your Face™- Put on your makeup.

Forever 41™ - A place for shopping like Forever 21 but better because you're 40.

Obsassed™-  To be obsessed with Rak.

Senior Jazz Division™: Dancers who are older in age but still competing with the youth. I am a proud member of the Senior Dance Division. gagagagaga.

Get Rak-ed™-  You don't want that to happen. Gagagaga. Sas puts you in your place.

Makin Friends™-  A little song I sing when I may have ticked someone off. Oops.